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The passion for water sports I discovered already in my childhood.
At the age of eight, I stood on a windsurfing board for the first time. At this point I did not suspect that this fascination will accompany me for many years.

Soon after, another sport aroused my interest, which continues to inspire me to this day:


My pastimes took me to many beautiful and windy areas around the globe.
To expand my knowledge and skills, I completed a variety of training courses up to the sailing instructor and regatta coach.

In 2018, I finished my previous position as a bank manager and realized my big dream.
I turned my hobby into a profession and founded the company MY Yachting and Mayer Yachting.


• Windsurfing Grundschein
• BFA-Binnen Segelboot
• Schiffsführerpatent 10m Wasserstraßen und sonstige Binnnengewässer
• BFA-Fahrtenbereich 2 Segel- und Motorboot
• BFA-Fahrtenbereich 3 Segel- und Motorboot
• Boat leader Category C
• UKW-Sprechfunkzeugnis für den Binnenschifffahrtsfunk (UBI)
• Short Range Certificate (SRC)
• Long Range Certificate (LRC)
• Segellehrer A-Lizenz
• Übungsleiter Segeln
• World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Training
• Pyrotechnikausweis für P2 Seenot-Signalmittel

Further education:

• Erste Hilfe Kurs (16 Stunden)
• Seminar “Die Haftung des Skippers”
• Seminar “Digitale Navigation”
• Seminar “Wetter”
• Workshop “Yachtmotor”
• Workshop “Spleissen & Leinenkunde”
• Seminar “Himmelskunde für Segler”
• Workshop “Yachtelektrik & Yachtelektronik”

• Skippertraining Fahrtenkatamaran

Various online seminars on the following topics:

 • “Was du über Rettungswesten wissen solltest”
• “Welcher Notsender hilft mir im Ernstfall”
• “Wie steuere ich meine Yacht mit dem Tablet – Yachtelektronik und Bussysteme an Bord”
• “Einführung in die Navigations- und Wetterrouting Software Expedition”


• Skipper
• Segellehrer
• Regattatrainer


Phone number: +43 (0)660 638 8 631

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