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The certificate of competence for the area 4 is the culmination for every Austrian sailor and the completion of the training!

What are the advantages of completing this training?

  • The learning of astronavigation – the last backup for offshore trips
  • Intensive deepening of weather skills and global weather systems
  • Study of special cards for circumnavigations

Course content:

  • Learn Astronavigation
  • What is a sextant – what types are there?
  • Practicing with the sextant
  • lunch width
  • Position determination with 2 stance lines
  • Global Weather Systems – Weather Maps
  • Übersegler cards
  • Planning of offshore trips

Theory test:

Multiple choice with 30 questions, Drafting an offshore passage

Practice exam:

Eine 3tägige Fahrt durch die Adria, mindestens 30 Stunden Nonstop

The prerequisites for taking the practical exam are as follows:

  • positively passed theory exam
  • Austrian BFA FB3
  • 5000 nautical miles (2000 as skipper)
  • of which at least 500 as a ship’s captain
  • 70 days on board
  • 15 night trips (with a total of 3 night drives!)
  • a long journey of at least 500 nm (of which at least 100 nm outside of driving range 3, distance between start and end at least 300 nm)

Course dates follow!