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Range 3 (FB3) certification is the next logical step for yachtsmen and FB2 owners who have already gained skippering experience. Now it is time to explore new waters and areas and therefore you need more in-depth knowledge for the safe driving of the area 3 (200 nautical miles off the coast).

What must an FB3 skipper be able to do?

  • Safe driving on tidal areas
  • proper handling of tide calendars / flow charts
  • Solid seafaring experience
  • Planning and execution of long journeys / transfers
  • Safety equipment for FB3
  • Marine store
  • Wax leadership / graduated every

Only a theoretical upgrade check on the FB2 is required.

The requirements for the FB3:

  • Austrian BFA FB2
  • 1500 nautical miles
  • of which at least 500 as a ship’s captain
  • 48 days on board
  • 5 night trips (with a total of 5 night drives!)
  • a long journey of at least 50 hours (of which at least 10 hours outside of driving area 2)

The training path to FB3:

  • 2 days theory course and exam in Vienna
    You can take the course and exam before or after completing the practice.
  • 2-week transfer rides
    Transfer rides in the Mediterranean and Atlantic. Collect the necessary practice for the FB3 – Night Rides / FB3 Miles


  • 50h offshore incl. Theory
    Theory Course + Exam + Offshore Experience Package – all in one week

Training dates